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Let your employee engagement skyrocket

Let your skyrocket

Identify your company’s areas of improvement and boost your employees’ engagement
and commitment.

Discover Zeppelean

Manage your talent in one platform

Zeppelean is a gamified platform that turns performance review into a game of collecting cards. With Zeppelean, you can evaluate professional skills and internal processes regularly so your most valued employees can be identified and rewarded easily.

Evaluate your training processes and save money

You can also use Zeppelean to measure the impact of your in-house training, develop new habits among your employees and tailor better working teams, adapting their skills to each project.

Make your company more agile

Choose Zeppelean and start taking more objective and agile decisions right now.


When adding game elements into our daily work, communication becomes more effective, goals are clearer and tasks are more satisfying.


Turn tasks into missions

Zeppelean turns tasks into missions with a goal, a deadline and a reward.

In order to avoid procrastination, the amount of coins decreases as the deadline is closer. Your employees will never hand a report late again.

Evaluate wherever you want, whenever you want.

Fill in an Excel form is now a thing of the past. With Zeppelean, employees can evaluate from their smartphone or tablet at any moment.

In addition, the company can set a unanimous criteria in order to avoid subjectivity among employees.

Create customized action plans.

Plan a meeting with your employees to review their areas of improvement and set an action plan to help them boost their results.

Automating your evaluation processes and tracking your employees’ progress has never been so easy.

Compare your talent team by team.

Each manager will be able to know the strengths and weaknesses of their employees month by month.

This is very useful not only to create better working teams, but also to spot training shortage in certain areas and justify promotions.

Gamify your company culture.

Customize your card collection and make your employees internalise your company values in a fun and interactive way.

Collecting cards is the best way to enlarge motivation throughout the year. Moreover, cards can also be linked to individual or collective achievements.

Share best practices.

Zeppelean is also a space to foster innovation and exchange ideas, a perfect-fit system for those companies which have different venues in different places or time zones.

Employees will help each other to improve and the company will be able to measure their commitment easily.

A real overview of your company.

Zeppelean’s admin dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, additionally, it allows managers to have a clear vision of their company, as well as customize their KPI as they please.

There are four different performance reviews available: 180º, 360º, peer review and self-evaluation.

Calculate the potential saving you can achieve with Zeppelean

I manage a company with


that earn an average of

€   gross monthly salary.


in productivity savings

The ongoing evaluation helps you identify problems faster than your competitors


in turnover savings

An engaged staff is unlikely to burnout and leave your organization


in comunication savings

The more organized and open your company is, less communication problems will be

Your total annual savings are €. Zeppelean will only cost you € annually. Isn’t it worthy it to give it a try?


Zeppelean and its best, so you can start evaluating skills and KPI right now.
From2,7 €per user monthly
Generic skills and competencies dictionary
Internal communication campaign
Tutorials for users included
Tech support whenever you need it
Without minimum or maximum users applied
Unlimited indicators
No commitments of permanence
For companies with specific demands, we provide custom-tailored versions adapted to their needs.
Is there any feature that you would like to have in Zeppelean and you haven’t seen it yet?